About Us

Our History

Boesan Foundation Engineering Company Limited was established in 2017.


Our Capabilities

Boesan is mainly engaged in rock socketed steel H piles, mini piles, pipe piles, soldier piles, Interlocking Pipe Pile, King Post and grouting in building and infrastructure projects. We have successfully obtained the Buildings Department Specialist Contractor - Foundation works in 2019.  Our company is currently employing about 180 employees.

Boesan is renowned for its technical expertise and quality in piling works. This is built up by years of experience from management team and skilled workers in the industry. All our employees are trained in house through a buddy to buddy mentoring system. Therefore, we understand every detail in the business to make it better than other players in the industry. We are in possession of the most versatile piling equipment and machinery in the industry. This has enabled us to be the best choice as piling contractor for the most challenging and demanding projects.


We believe the expertise in piling works is one of the most important contributing factors for the success of any building and infrastructure construction projects. Our long term goal will remain unchanged to be the preferred partner in the piling works. We will continue to invest and expand our services to a larger scale to support the development of the industry and better living environment for the people in Hong Kong.